When the days get shorter but better in the winter, it’s time to pull out the gardening gloves. Growing your own veggies in the winter is an incredible opportunity for you to become more self-sufficient. The fact that in the Valley we can grow fresh veggies nearly year round makes it especially attractive. However, due to the vast amount of sunlight in the desert, partial shade over a section of your garden can be very handy. An aluminum lattice shade structure makes a lot of sense when you want 4-6 hours of partial shade. The lattice cover requires next-to-none maintenance, looks great in the garden space, and could even become a part of the garden with a climbing vine![envira-gallery id=”2587″]

Imagine the look of integrating your shade structure into the garden. With shade for you to work under, it seems likely for the amateur gardener to spend more time outside with a comfortable setting. Create a gardening space that you want to spend time in. Using shade in the gardens of the valley seems to bring a lot of great ideas together.

Shade sails are another great idea in the gardening space. A fabric material that is stretched incredibly tight, the shade sail provides sharp looks with obvious application. Shade sails let through partial sun into the garden, letting your shade-seeking plants to thrive.  The shade sails look really good too, for example. [envira-gallery id=”2513″]

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