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How to Pick the Best, Most Beautiful Patio Door for Your Home

best outdoor patio doors

best outdoor patio doors

How to Pick the Best, Most Beautiful Patio Door for Your Home

A door that leads to a deck or a beautiful garden or patio adds luxury and function to a home. The right door frames the beauty of what lies outside without taking up too much valuable floor space. With the many choices of patio doors available, how do you know which style is best?

The ideal choice for a patio door is one with glass that invites guests out to the patio or deck. Glass doors let the light in, make the room look bigger because the eye expands out into the patio and are fairly low maintenance.

The Best Glass Patio Doors

When choosing glass, double- or triple-pane construction are the most energy efficient and worth the investment. Low-E glass, which features a coating that reduces heat loss during the winter and keeps your home cooler during the summer is also smart if the weather in your area is extreme or the sun that shines in is intense. Another glass-related feature worth considering is one where blinds are fitted between glass panes. This adds privacy to a glass patio door and minimizes damage to the blinds as well as the need to constantly dust the blinds.

Patio Door Materials

When picking the best door, it’s important to know a bit about materials and how sunlight, rain, wind and other elements can affect your patio doors over time. Patio door frames are available in wood, steel, weather-resistant vinyl and fiberglass. Wood is the hardest to maintain but may be the most appropriate for the look of your home. Fortunately, there are now weather-resistant vinyl window frames with a wood look that give your door a rich, classic style that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Doors made of a combination of materials are also available. A vinyl exterior that can stand up against the harsh elements can be paired with the elegance of wood on the interior of the door where foul weather won’t damage the wood.

Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors come in more variations than a simple door with a knob. Three of the most popular are:

Sliding Doors

Sliders are the most popular option because the wide area of glass allows light in and a better view of the yard outside. A range of standard sizes makes sliding patio doors affordable. Sliding patio doors are also functional. A fixed pane on one side paired with a second pane that slides on a track means furniture can be placed close to the door without any clearance space needed for the door to open.

Swinging Patio Doors

Swinging patio doors are mounted on hinges to open in either direction. This is a good choice if there is a lot of traffic heading in and out of the patio and there’s plenty of space for the door to swing freely. For larger door frames there are two options: one fixed door paired with one swinging door or a version where both panels swing open.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors open and close like an accordion. The benefit of this folding style is that the hinged panels fold back to allow the largest expanse when open of all patio door styles.

Choosing the right patio door shouldn’t be as overwhelming when you know what your options are. Fortunately, there are many quality options for every design style and budget. Should you still be unsure of what style is best for your home, don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer and window and door company of your choice for help and advice.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

outdoor patio mistakes to avoid

outdoor patio mistakes to avoid

Outdoor Patio Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Adding comfortable and attractive patio furniture to your deck or patio is an easy way to increase your living space. Well-placed patio furniture will add a homey, inviting feel to any outdoor space. Once you create a cozy seating area, it can become a favorite place to make new memories.

When choosing your patio furniture, however, don’t make these mistakes:

Buying a Bargain Patio Furniture Set

A low-budget outdoor patio furniture set may seem appealing, but you will get what you pay for. Plastic patio chairs or outdoor dining sets, for instance, may look great in photos and may do the job for a year or two, but in time, their vibrant finish will break down after sitting in the sun.

Low-budget outdoor dining sets and patio chairs made of flimsy aluminum are more likely to topple over in the wind or get dinged or bent. Cheap fabrics will fade in the sun and tear easily in time. Though you may have gotten a set at low cost, chances are you’ll be buying a new patio furniture set again the following year or two.

If you must go “low budget” when choosing your outdoor patio furniture set, look for discounted patio furniture pieces of good quality. Choose those made of commercial-grade aluminum, cast aluminum or wrought iron for more endurance. Look for sale prices on good quality items.

Choosing Impractical Pieces

It’s tempting to walk into an outdoor patio furniture showroom and fall in love with a quirky porch rocker or other fun-looking and sometimes oversized patio furniture. When you get it home, however, you may find it overtakes your deck space or simply looks out of place.

Before investing in outdoor patio furniture, decide what type of patio furniture will best meet your goals for comfort and function. The first question to answer is how you hope to use your outdoor patio furniture. Do you plan to eat outdoors around an outdoor dining set? Do you prefer patio chairs or sectional seating that encourages conversation? How many guests do you see yourself seating at any one time? Would a coffee table suffice over an outdoor dining set?

Failing to Assess Your Size Requirements

Every great outdoor space starts with a designated zone. Is the space you want to place new patio furniture large or small?

Get acquainted with your outdoor zone before shopping. Know its dimensions and plan for traffic flow. Then take note of the measurements listed in the specifications of the various pieces of outdoor patio furniture that appeal to you.

Photos of outdoor patio furniture can look great online or in a brochure, but make sure what you buy is suitable for your space. Look at the height, depth, length and width of the patio furniture in question. A number of sectionals are low to the ground. Compare the measurements so you’re not disappointed.

Failing to Coordinate Colors

A wide range of finishes and fabrics abound in outdoor patio furniture. When shopping for additional patio furniture, you’ll attain a more cohesive look if your color choices blend.

For hints as to what color of patio furniture to choose, consider complimenting your home’s brick or siding color, or even the shade of your deck flooring. Tie your furniture together with bold splashes of colored cushions or accent pieces.

Failing to Consider Strength and Comfort

Have you ever sat on a chair and felt as though it was giving way? You’ll want to choose patio furniture built strong enough to support your weight or that of your friends.

If the weight of a certain piece of patio furniture isn’t listed on a product’s list of specification, inquire. Especially if you are buying online, check the measurements and materials thoroughly.

Most heavygauge aluminum, metal, teak and outdoor resin wicker pieces will withstand whatever nature throws their way. Good quality patio furniture of this nature will look wonderful for years.

The trend today is to take your living or dining room outdoors where you can enjoy nature. Whether you’d simply like a nice seat area where you can your morning coffee, or enough outdoor seating for grandma’s birthday party, anything is possible. There is outdoor patio furniture to suit every space, vision and price point. Choose wisely.

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New Pool Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe 

pool safety tips for kids

Cool New Pool Safety Devices To Keep Your Kids Safe 

At a pool, children of ages one to four have a higher risk of drowning. Adult supervision may not even be sufficient to prevent it. Over the past couple of years, several products and devices have been developed, helping to keep people safe while at the pool. Among these include self-closing fences and self-locking gates. Some pools also have rigid covers which slide across them like a horizontal garage door.

Furthermore, there also exist electronic alarms of different designs. Children can wear them on their wrist like a watch. They will make a signal once they come in contact with water. Others can give an alarm sound once the child begins to move in the pool. When protecting children from drowning, nothing is foolproof. For this reason, it is very important that pool owners make layers of protection available at their pools.

In a recent survey carried out by CDC, children of ages 1 and 4 have a higher risk of fatal and nonfatal drowning. Residential swimming pools are responsible for most of the drowning. However, most cases of drowning in adult happen in natural waters. Child drowning usually occurs when you allow these kids to get into the water themselves.

CDC figures between 2001 and 2002 showed that 775 children of below 15 years of age lost their lives to drowning. Even though the rates have recently reduced, drowning still remains one of the major causes of children death.

pool safety tips for kids

Layers of Pool Protection

The principal protection layer is endless, adult supervision while the kids are swimming. There are still other protective measures. They include:

  • Surround the pool by a fence. The fence should be at least 4 feet tall.
  • The fence should possess self-latching and self-closing gates. The latches should be out of the children’s reach.
  • Separate the pool from the house using the fence.
  • Install an alarm in the pool’s door.
  • A rigid, power safety pool cover should also be installed.
  • Install an underwater motion swimming pool alarm.

Ensure that the type of alarms attached to the pool’s side should be able to detect underwater movement. You can check out the evaluation of various types of pool alarms as carried out by CPSC here www.cpsc.gov/library/alarm.pdf   

Protection Backs Up Vigilance

As part of the layering of protection, electronic alarm systems also have a value. Even with an alarm, try as much as possible to be vigilant one your kids set foot into the water. Never leave your kids all alone in a pool. Not even for a single second.

Another survey conducted showed that supervision do fail on some occasions. Below is the result obtained for deaths of children below 5 years of age 5 in Arizona, California, and Florida that drowned in residential swimming pools:

At the time of drowning, who was supervising?

  • 69% of the accidents occurred while one or both parents were supervising.
  • 10% were adults different from the parents.
  • 7% were siblings.
  • 14% were babysitters.

What was the location of the pool drowning?

  • 65% – Owned by child’s family.
  • 22% – At a relative’s home.
  • 11% – At the neighbor’s home.

Where were they seen last?

  • 46% were seen last in the house. They were later found dead in the pool. 15% of parents and guardian thought they were sleeping in the house.
  • 23% were seen last on the porch, in the yard, or patio, or areas far away from the pool.
  • 31% were seen last in the pool or pool area.

What You Need To Do – Teach Your Child to Swim

In order to prevent a case of drowning from occurring, then you have to teach your kids how to swim. Even though there is no evidence to support that knowing how to swim will prevent drowning from occurring. The problem is that these kids are not strong enough to get themselves up and out of the pool after falling in.

Furthermore, ensure that you supervise them at every point in time and actually be outside in the backyard with them. Never allow them near the pool when you are not around. Make it a must from them to put on a Coast Guard-approved life jacket before stepping into the pool.

Lastly, whenever you have a pool party, children or adult, hire a lifeguard. It is important to maintain safety for both swimmers and non-swimmers through constant vigilance. Participants are busy partying, and may not know what is happening elsewhere. So if you’re sitting under your lattice patio cover in your backyard, watching your kiddos, be sure to use these tips to help protect your loved ones this summer!


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How to Plan a Breathtaking Backyard Design

backyard design

Just like your living area, what makes the backyard in your home beautiful is the personal, creative touch you give it. What actually makes your living room stylish are the family accessories and furniture swaps. However, it may not be that simple for a backyard. Here, you are transforming an empty concrete slab into a unique outdoor retreat. Updating your patio set may not be enough. You may need a couple of exclusive design elements. You also need to be very creative.

Jim Coffman, the president of Coffman Studio, was responsible for starting this Phoenix project, right from scratch. At first, the backyard was dominated by a pool. On the other hand, the homeowner has other ideas. He would like the pool to be replaced by something much more useful and only requires low maintenance.

Coffman was able to make this a reality. He created a series of outdoor rooms having different functions. The new design features a living area, dining room, fire pit, outdoor patio cover shading, and lawn. What made it special was the good flow connecting the spaces. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the ways you can create this same cohesive, fun vibe in the outdoor space in your home.

backyard design

What will be yard be used for?

The first thing you need to consider before transforming your backyard is what you will end up using it for after the transformation. Whether you are using it for entertainment purposes, to play soccer, as your outdoor dining, ensure that the design is dictated by your preferences.

Who enjoys the backyard?

Put everyone into consideration, including kids and pets, in your new outdoor space. In this situation, the owner of the home possessed two large dogs. Thus, a synthetic lawn was included by Coffman. The best part, the artificial grass possessed an antimicrobial treatment for rapid cleanup.

Divide the rooms properly

Ensure that the rooms are properly divided. You can place resin panels on both sides of the fire pit. This will help define the area. This will serve as an ideal way to distinguish it from the outdoor living room. You can also improve the nighttime ambiance by including dramatic light fittings.

Make it suitable for all weather, all-day

Coffman wanted the owner of the home to enjoy the backyard both during rain or sunshine. Hence, different shade variations were integrated. The dining space was fully covered, and living room partially shared. It also featured an open-air fire pit. Creatively include lightings, the fire pit just got more enjoyable, especially during the night. One of the many excellent ways to provide cover in your backyard is through the installation of an aluminum pergola patio cover

Creatively Combine the Materials

Since the homeowner was enthusiastic about rusted metal, Coffman added a rusted fire pit and a pergola, featuring a painted steel frame, as well as a galvanized metal hat channel topper. Coffman also added Trex decking, synthetic turf, resin panels, stucco walls, and acid-washed concrete. This offers the industrial accents, a subtle complement.

Do not be discouraged by HOA guidelines

Do not allow the strict guidelines of HOA discourage you. Since the homeowners were living in a development and won’t be allowed to modify or attach anything to shared walls, Coffman tapped into his creative instincts. He included freestanding yellow stucco walls for color, character and spatial definition. Fascinating!

Add an artistic focal point

Also, try as much as possible to include an artistic focal point in your new design. This custom ceramic provided by James Sudal, which wasn’t part of the original plan, quickly became an integral part of the design. For added personalization, you can pair the piece with yellow and turquoise accents or colors gotten from favorite paintings in the interior of the home.

Leave some breathing room

As much as you will like to use every inch in your backyard, it is advisable not to do this. The patio might, after some time, look cluttered. For this reason, Coffman intentionally left some simple turf space in the middle. This will help create enough room for breathing, avoiding an overwhelming feel.

There you have it! All the above are some tips to help plan your backyard from scratch. You deserve a picturesque setting in your home where you can have a nice time with family. By following these tips precisely, you will be able to transform the state of your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary.

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Furniture and Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

how to choose patio furniture

how to choose patio furniture

Having a great patio and deck can double the living space of your home and make your property more inviting and even more valuable. Whether you spend every day outdoors in the shade or just enjoy summer entertaining, creating the perfect outdoor living space will allow you to maximize your enjoyment.

Creating the perfect outdoor living space is not always easy, but the results will be well worth the hard work. No matter what part of the country you call home or how much space you have to work with, choosing the right outdoor furniture is an essential first step. The comfort, quality and durability of the outdoor furniture you choose will play a role in everything from your backyard barbecues to your informal family get-togethers. Here are 10 smart tips for outfitting your deck and patio.

  1. Buy the best quality outdoor furniture you can afford. When it comes to outdoor furniture, quality trumps price every time. A low-priced set of patio furniture is no bargain if it falls apart in just a few years. Invest in quality – you will not regret it.
  2. Consider the elements when choosing outdoor furniture. Choosing outdoor furniture is much different than picking a couch or a dining room table. Those pieces of furniture will not be exposed to the pouring rain or the blazing sun, but your patio furniture will be. Think about the climate where you live, and choose outdoor furniture based on those criteria.
  3. Think about how you live and how you entertain. Your lifestyle will play a big role in choosing patio furniture, so think about how you plan to use the table, chairs and other pieces. If the furniture will be staying where it is, weight will not be much of an issue. If you plan to entertain in the back yard or move the pieces around, lightweight design will be very much a factor.
  4. Determine care needs before you buy. Choosing patio furniture on looks alone can be a big mistake, one that many homeowners make. That stylish set of teakwood furniture may look great in the store, but without the right care, the pieces will quickly show their age. Think about how much care you are willing to give your new outdoor furniture, and how much time you have to devote to it.
  5. Consider comfort as well as style. You will be spending more time sitting on your outdoor furniture than looking at it, so comfort will be as great a factor as beauty. If you long to lounge around this summer, a well-padded chaise lounge and set of chairs will allow you to do just that.
  6. . Choose colorfast cushions and care for them properly. The harsh sun and changeable weather can really take a toll on your padded outdoor furniture, so make sure the fabric is colorfast and designed for outdoor use.
  7. Invest in a sturdy shed for off-season storage. If you want your outdoor furniture to retain its good looks, you need to store it under roof in the off season. A storage shed is a smart investment, one that can greatly extend the useful life of your outdoor furniture.
  8. Choose the right accessories. Your basic set of outdoor furniture might include a set of chairs, a sturdy table and possibly a chaise lounge, but you do not have to stop there. Accent tables, outdoor serving tables and even padded footrests can improve the versatility of your outdoor living set and make your summer days more fun, especially if you have some shade sails installed to offer more cover while you sit or you can look into fancier options such as white pergolas.
  9. Keep a spill kit handy. Wiping up spills promptly can extend the life of your wooden furniture and the padded upholstery, so keep a fast response kit nearby. You can store your spill kit in the garden shed or keep it in a storage box on your deck.
  10. Create a year-round living space with a patio heater. You do not have to hide inside when the temperatures start to drop. Adding a patio heater to your outdoor living space means you can use your patio all year long.

Choosing the right patio furniture is very important, and the right pieces will vastly enhance the enjoyment you derive from your home. The 10 tips listed above can help you select the perfect furniture pieces for your outdoor backyard living space design, so you can enjoy the sunshine and warm weather whenever you wish.

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Using shade in the garden to get you outside!

When the days get shorter but better in the winter, it’s time to pull out the gardening gloves. Growing your own veggies in the winter is an incredible opportunity for you to become more self-sufficient. The fact that in the Valley we can grow fresh veggies nearly year round makes it especially attractive. However, due to the vast amount of sunlight in the desert, partial shade over a section of your garden can be very handy. An aluminum lattice shade structure makes a lot of sense when you want 4-6 hours of partial shade. The lattice cover requires next-to-none maintenance, looks great in the garden space, and could even become a part of the garden with a climbing vine!

Imagine the look of integrating your shade structure into the garden. With shade for you to work under, it seems likely for the amateur gardener to spend more time outside with a comfortable setting. Create a gardening space that you want to spend time in. Using shade in the gardens of the valley seems to bring a lot of great ideas together.

Shade sails are another great idea in the gardening space. A fabric material that is stretched incredibly tight, the shade sail provides sharp looks with obvious application. Shade sails let through partial sun into the garden, letting your shade-seeking plants to thrive.  The shade sails look really good too, for example. 

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Alumawood Solid Patio Cover Installed – Gilbert, AZ

Below is a homeowner’s video of an Alumawood solid patio cover installed by Royal Covers of Arizona in Gilbert, AZ 85233 on 3/16/2015.

Interested in an Alumawood solid or lattice patio cover for your home?

Request a Free Local Quote today!

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Patio Covers: Professional Installation Matters

What can a patio cover do for you, or more accurately, how does it improve your home?

A new patio cover can do wonders for homeowners living in Arizona, especially during the long, grueling summer season. If you are considering the option to install a patio cover, not only is it one that will add value to your home, it is also going to give you more usable space, plus it will allow you to re-create an otherwise dull area. But, if you are considering a new cover, make sure you hire the right professional to install a patio cover for you.

Install Patio Covers | (480) 926-2300
Install Patio Covers | (480) 926-2300

Why Hire a Professional for Patio Cover Installation?

Why hire a professional for patio cover installation?  

Hiring a professional contractor to install a patio cover for your home is a best practice and a wise choice for homeowners. If you’re going for a quality patio cover, you’re already spending a good amount of money, so why not spend a little more and hire someone to have it properly installed? When you hire a professional for installation you receive:

– Guarantees on the work. When you hire a company to do the installation they will back up their service and provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.
– Safisfaction guaranteed.  The installation for some patio covers is rather complex; when you hire the right person for the job, they will properly install all parts so you do not have to worry about damage or something breaking.
– Affordable pricing. When you hire a company to install a new patio cover, sometimes the installation cost is included in the total price, or at the very least at a greatly reduced price.
So, rather than try to do it on your own, consider hiring a professional as you will receive these benefits, and in many cases you’ll be sure you have hired the right people to install your patio cover for you.

Professional Installation of Patio Covers: Final Thoughts

Patio covers are a way of dealing with the hot Arizona summer months.  So make sure that you one of two things happen when you’re looking at putting them in.  Make sure you know 100% how to to do it, or make sure you get on the phone to a company that installs patio covers in Phoenix.

Read More

Royal Covers
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Patio Covers in Scottsdale: Outdoor Living at Its Finest (Contd.)

Patio covers come in many forms.  There solid ones and lattice ones. And there are even other types as well.

Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300
Call today to install patio covers or a sun room | (480) 926-2300

Let’s Talk About Retractable Patio Covers and Adjustable Ones

The benefits of a retractable patio cover is you can tuck it away when you do not need it. It is installed on the outer wall of your home and is made of fabric to offer shade and protection for the sun and rain. This is a less expensive way to provide shade and protection to your outdoor room. It is also an easy install. Hiring a professional to install a retractable cover will take up less time than a free standing cover.
There are many benefits to free standing patio covers. Free standing covers add a structure to your outdoor space. They add value to your home because they solidify the feel of an outdoor structure. There are various options for roof tops on a free standing patio cover. You can have a lattice cover that will provide shade, ventilation and sunlight. This still however, will not provide protection from rain.
An adjustable patio cover will provide protection from the rain because it has a louvered rooftop. The louvers open and close, so you have the great benefit of a lattice roof, but also the benefits of a closed structure. With an adjustable cover, you can provide just the right amount of shade, sun and protection for the type of day you are having. This gives you variety.  However, there is another option too.

What About an Arizona Room?

An Arizona room provides all the protection and benefits in one. You can have a glass roof or wooden roof and glass walls. The windows can be open on bright sunny days and closed on raining cold nights. This is the ultimate option for an outdoor room. Having a professional will be crucial for this project because you will want the proper installation for comfort year round.

No matter what type of outdoor space you desire, you have many options to choose from.  The idea of having an extra room added to your home that provides sunlight, shade and protection from the rain is every homeowners dream. The ability to spend time outside year round with your family and friends is a blessing. Finding the patio cover that suits your outdoor room needs is just a phone call away. Call a professional to help you get the type of sun room or patio cover that will provide you years of memories and fun.
Read more on this subject here.

Royal Covers
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Why Get a Sunroom?

arizona room

There are several benefits to getting a sun room.  Particularly with Arizona’s unique climate.

Install a Sunroom in Phoenix | (480) 926-2300
Install a Sunroom in Phoenix | (480) 926-2300

An Arizona Room:  Timeless and Perfect

Our grandparents used to sit on the front porch to relax. The traditional porch has evolved today to into the modern sun room that meets our contemporary lifestyle.

Most of the homeowners in Arizona who invest in a sunroom consider this as their favorite room in the house. A sunroom is anoutdoor living roommade of glass and screen and installed on a concrete or wood foundation. It is sometimesalso referred to as an Arizona room, solarium, patio enclosure,or patio room. Sun rooms are composed of single or double pane glass and designed to match the look of your home. The sun room’s walls of glass allow in sunlight while protecting you from chill, rain, wind, or bugs. In the warm climate of Arizona the sunroom additions have become a popular home improvement. They provide an affordable way of adding leisure living space to your home without the cost and hassle of conventional construction.
Thesun rooms, also conservatories or solariums, are designed as a glassed-in living space accessible from indoors and typically attached to the house.They can be used all year long but may be too hot or cold in the summer or winter. However, the sun rooms are ideal to use during mild weather. If you want more comfort and versatility, you can install a four-season room that is closely related to the sun room, with the difference that it can be cooled and heated as needed.

More Uses For Your Sun Room

There are a lot more uses for a sun room. Another options is an attached greenhouse, which features the same shell construction and basic structure as a four-season room or sun room, but is designed to offer proper temperature, light, and humidity for your plants. A screen room or porch is another variant of attached living space, with the difference that its walls are constructed of mesh rather than glass. This is habitable only the weather is agreeable but offers the advantage of fresh air without insects.

Sun rooms can be made of various materials. For the supports, vinyl is the most used material because is less expensive, offers the best strength and insulation, and requires minimal upkeep. Most  sunrooms with  vinyl supports feature an internal reinforcement made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Read More

Royal Covers
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