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Retractable Awnings

SolarShield OpenThe SolarShield Retractable Awning is a top-of-the-line model for outdoor mechanical sunshades.  The remarkable shade is the only retractable lateral arm awning with a spring-loaded shoulder – designed to withstand the impact of strong winds, heavy rains, and intense storms.

The strength and durability of the SolarShield reduces impact on both the awning and your home, decreasing the potential of stress-related damage due to inclement weather.  SolarShields come with manual and electronic retraction options, all of which are made from stainless steel hadware and cables.  The three-to-one bevel gear makes for smooth manual operation and light and durable aluminum frames are easy to manage by either hand or motor.

In addition to the strong, corrosion-resistant frame, SolarShields feature tough acrylic fabrics designed to weather intense heat, sun, rain, and even cold weather.

SolarShield retractable awnings use solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, fabrics known and tested for their color fastness, strength, and stain resistance. This means the SolarShield awnings are up to 20% more water repellant than competitors and come with a ten-year limited warranty on fabric.

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