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Retractable Awnings

SolarShield OpenWhat are Retractable Awnings?

Retractable Awnings are a fabric shade structure that is designed to roll out away from your home to cover a desired area.  They can be attached to many types of surfaces, but are generally attached to a wall or overhang on the home.

Retractable Awning Styles

Royal Covers provides and installs high quality, custom built Retractable Awnings.  Whether covering small areas or requiring large projections, Royal Covers can design a Retractable Awning to fit your space.

Most Retractable Awnings installed by Royal Covers are motorized and include a remote control or hardwired switch to operate.  There are many fabric options to match your preferred style.

Upgrade options include a protective hood, automated wind sensors, and specialized motors.  An upgraded motor can allow you to control your Retractable Awning with your smartphone or other internet device.  This is made possible with the Somfy myLink home automation device.

Why would you choose a Retractable Awning vs. other shade options?

Many people choose Retractable Awnings because they don’t want posts and/or don’t need shade 100% of the time.  Sometimes a building department or HOA in Arizona will not allow posts in certain backyard areas, thus a Retractable Awning can help you get around unusual requirements.  Or maybe you want to have all the sunshine possible entering your home unless you happen to be outside entertaining guests, in which case you would want to use the Retractable Awning to provide a shaded area.

How much do Retractable Awnings cost?

Retractable Awnings can be a more expensive method of shading a particular area because of the motorized parts and flexibility of use.  They generally fit a project where a cheaper alternative will not meet the area’s needs or desired appearance.

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