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Shade Sails Phoenix : Find the Best Arizona Shade Sails Here!

Shade Sails Phoenix

Staying cool in Arizona is not always easy. Temperatures in and around Phoenix, for example, can consistently surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the hot months, reaching temperatures as high 130 on occasion.  Shade sails in Phoenix are essential to helping you stay cooler outside during the hot summers in Arizona. 

As such, homeowners need sun shade sails in Phoenix that not only help to lower the temperature in and around the home, but also to reduce risk for exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Shade sails in Phoenix

This product offers a more unique solution for patio or outdoor shading needs.  The shade sail is a cloth canopy that protects our home and the people you love from harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as direct heat from the sun.  shade sails Arizona are fully customizable—you can choose color, layout, and connection heights—to compliment the outdoor architecture of your home or office.

Phoenix shade sails —also considered sun shades and shade canopies—have become very popular lately, a conventional alternative to the more traditional patio shade types typical to Arizona.  Royal Covers of Arizona Shade sail is made from high-quality, durable cloth that not only offers UV protection but also peace of mind, as they sustainably function for many years. This actually makes them a more reasonable choice than many of the other similar competing products on the market today.

Solarshield Retractable Awnings

The SolarShield retractable awning is Royal Covers of Arizona’s top-of-the-line outdoor mechanical sunshade model.  This remarkable sun shade is the only one to use a retractable lateral arm awning with a spring loaded shoulder that is also designed to take on heavy winds and rain in the most intense storms.

Obviously, SolarShield retractable awnings are durable, and that means less impact on the awning itself as well as the home. And that means a potential reduction in stress-related damage from inclement weather for the lifetime of your SolarShield.  

SolarShield retractable awnings can be operated manually or via electronic control.  Al components are made from stainless steel hardware and cables. The “3-to-1” bevel gear improves and smooths out manual operation, coupled with light-but-durable aluminum frames that are easier to manage by hand or by motor.

Finally, SolarShield retractable awnings shade sails phoenix utilize a solution-dyed acrylic fabrics that are widely known and tested for color fastness, durability, and resistance to staining.  As such, these retractable awnings are nearly 20 percent more water repellant than competing awnings (and these come with a 1o-year limited warranty).