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Shade Sails

What Are Shade Sails?

Shade sails are an unique solution for any patio shade or outdoor living space. The shade sail cloth creates a shade canopy that helps protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Shade sails are a customizable patio shade solution that allows you to choose the color, layout, and connection heights that will best compliment the architecture of your outdoor living space and home. Put our 30 years of patio shade experience to work for you in designing a shade sail for your home by contacting us for a shade sail or shade sails design and proposal.

This month’s special – 18’x18′ shade sail installed for $5,995! (standard installation, dependent on site check)

A shade sail, sun shade, shade sails, or shade canopy is becoming a popular alternative to more traditional types of patio shade in Arizona. Shade sails are an artistic and colorful way of enhancing your patio and outdoor living space. A shade sail is made with high-quality and durable shade cloth engineered to shade and withstand the harmful effects of the sun. The shade fabric also helps protect whatever it is covering from the sun’s cancer causing UV rays and helps shed unwanted debris and weather from directly impacting the area beneath the shade sail or shade sails. The shade sail cloth also enables us to clear extremely long spans functionally and sustainably, thus providing shade sails solutions that are nearly impossible to achieve with more conventional methods and materials.

If you are considering using shade sail, sun shade, shade sails, or shade canopy to add patio shade or cover an outdoor area be sure to get in touch with us for a complimentary design and proposal for shade sail, sun shade, shade sails, or shade canopy.

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How long do shade sails last?

The beautiful thing about shade sails is that they last a really long time – up to 10 years or more in fact. Many of our clients use these shading solutions for backyards, play areas for their children or grandchildren, picnic areas for schools or commercial out door patio areas, and much more.

So what would make a shade sail not last 10 years?

One of the biggest reason that these shading systems get torn apart or don’t last for their whole life expectancy is that they are installed incorrectly. Incorrect installations such as loose fabric sails or sagging fabric sails will inevitably end up getting beaten harder by storms, heavy winds, and debris. One of the reasons why so many folks trust Royal Covers for their patio cover needs is that for the quality of the installation. Having a great system setup is one piece, but the other major piece to your outdoor patio success is top quality installation. We can help you every step the way and make sure your system fits just the way it needs to be so that you get the most out of your shade sail life.