There are several benefits to getting a sun room.  Particularly with Arizona’s unique climate.

Install a Sunroom in Phoenix | (480) 926-2300

Install a Sunroom in Phoenix | (480) 926-2300

An Arizona Room:  Timeless and Perfect

Our grandparents used to sit on the front porch to relax. The traditional porch has evolved today to into the modern sun room that meets our contemporary lifestyle.

Most of the homeowners in Arizona who invest in a sunroom consider this as their favorite room in the house. A sunroom is anoutdoor living roommade of glass and screen and installed on a concrete or wood foundation. It is sometimesalso referred to as an Arizona room, solarium, patio enclosure,or patio room. Sun rooms are composed of single or double pane glass and designed to match the look of your home. The sun room’s walls of glass allow in sunlight while protecting you from chill, rain, wind, or bugs. In the warm climate of Arizona the sunroom additions have become a popular home improvement. They provide an affordable way of adding leisure living space to your home without the cost and hassle of conventional construction.
Thesun rooms, also conservatories or solariums, are designed as a glassed-in living space accessible from indoors and typically attached to the house.They can be used all year long but may be too hot or cold in the summer or winter. However, the sun rooms are ideal to use during mild weather. If you want more comfort and versatility, you can install a four-season room that is closely related to the sun room, with the difference that it can be cooled and heated as needed.

More Uses For Your Sun Room

There are a lot more uses for a sun room. Another options is an attached greenhouse, which features the same shell construction and basic structure as a four-season room or sun room, but is designed to offer proper temperature, light, and humidity for your plants. A screen room or porch is another variant of attached living space, with the difference that its walls are constructed of mesh rather than glass. This is habitable only the weather is agreeable but offers the advantage of fresh air without insects.

Sun rooms can be made of various materials. For the supports, vinyl is the most used material because is less expensive, offers the best strength and insulation, and requires minimal upkeep. Most  sunrooms with  vinyl supports feature an internal reinforcement made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Read More

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